Changes to DVSA revision theory test question banks for cars

We were recently checking the reviews of our free Driving Theory Test app and we noticed a review by one user which said:

Helpful and good layout, but all questions only have one answer

It is always a pleasure to hear that users like our layout! Furthermore, we thought it important to respond to the second part of this review as it concerns a topic of huge importance to anyone taking the theory test.

To be clear, all of our theory test questions are up-to-date. In July 2015 the DVSA issued changes to their revision theory test question bank and we have fully incorporated these into our App. Due to those changes all questions now have a single correct answer.

We are aware that there are many products available that do not contain these changes causing confusion as to which version of the revision question bank is correct. Please remember that if in doubt you can always contact us or the DVSA with any questions you may have.

In the meantime, please share this important information with any of your friends who are preparing for their theory test!

Regardless of which software they use they need to make sure they are revising using the latest questions.


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